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you will be the death of me

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12 December 1980
about me
31 years old, female, german, IT consultant, photoshop maniac, movie addict, city slicker, likes guys & girls, owner of the cutest hamster, can't function without coffee, currently single, loves summer, forever and ever a fangirl, ...
tom hardy, karl urban, christian bale, ewan mcgregor, sean bean, charlize theron, paul bettany, zoe saldana, gary oldman, jennifer connelly, milla jovovich, jason statham, diane kruger, sandra bullock, julianne moore
fictional characters
dr. leonard mccoy (star trek), obi-wan kenobi (star wars), eames (inception), boromir (lord of the rings), sawyer (lost), alexander mahone (prison break), elle driver (kill bill), vincent valentine (final fantasy VII), auron (final fantasy X), fang (final fantasy XIII)
my otp-ships
spock/mccoy (reboot!star trek), arthur/eames (inception), bane/talia (the dark knight rises), sawyer/juliet (lost), éowyn/faramir (lotr), fran/balthier (final fantasy XII), fang/vanille (final fantasy XIII)
star trek, star wars, lord of the rings, RED, batman trilogy (nolan), the avengers, matrix, inception, zombieland, fight club, snatch, léon, shaun of the dead, james bond, ice age, x-men, resident evil
tv shows
prison break, lost, nip/tuck, start trek, desperate housewives
final fantasy (VII and up), skyrim, sims3

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